July , 30 th , 2014

HE Mr Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General
The United Nations.

Dear sir ,


Mr Ban Ki Moon , you are suppose to represent the voice of the international community for justice , peace and equality , key concepts in the UN Charter  . Particularly voices of those that are vulnerable to suppression and violation of international law by regimes that have no respect for international justice.

Now , as we write this letter to you , the repeated case of Israeli aggression on civilians are most glaringly perpetuated in the on going Gaza massacre by the so call Israeli Operation Protective Edge.

Are you not aware that Israel has been arrogantly neglecting calls to stop its inhumane attack on Gaza. We are convince that you are fully aware of the rogue nature of Israel as an occupation force and how it is immune to any international law and UN resolutions. Justice and protection of civilians rights are only applicable to the Israelis , not anyone else.

And therefore you have seen the blatant barbaric nature of the Israeli regime , ignoring all condemnation by states and international agencies , arrogantly defying all calls to stop its uncivilised military oeperation killing toddlers as young as 4 month in Gaza.

Unfortunately you are submitting to the excuses by the hawkish Israelis Cabinet Ministers that the children and women of Gaza are legitimate targets as they are claimed to be human shields used by the Hamas fighters . This excuse is beyond doubt a repeated pre-drafted justification for Israel forces to strike at any targets , including refugee camps.

You very well know how the Israeli operation recognizes no boundary in executing  its barbaric scheme of mass murder particulary towards the Palestinians.

Even the UN designated premises in Gaza are not spared . There are no safe zone now in Gaza , as you have witnessed in the media reports , how IDPs taking refuge in the UN schools are mercilessly shelled by the Israel forces. The UN schools and refugee camps are targeted on account that these are" legitimate targets " as hiding locations for Hamas weapons .

What else do you expect from Israel in your repeated calls for a ceasefire and a negotiation for a lasting peace. Do not be naive in expecting that Israel backed by the the US would want to listen and respect your call even it is made through a negotiating process involving the UN mandated parties.

You know very well how Israeli has treated all resolutions and decisions from the UN as non binding on it and with the US obediently submitting to its demands , Israel has all the protection and support it needs to launch any massacre it deem necessary .

We call on you to immediately make your physical presence in Gaza now. You should make this crucial trip and face directly the people of Gaza and make your own assesment on the overwheming destruction caused by the henous Israel barbarism and  why Israel is the one that needs to stop its aggression.

If you fail to do this , you will be seen as complicit to the genocide by Israel. You will be analysed in hostory as the Secretary General who are both heartless in preventing the killings of children in Gaza.

We call you to stop making statement which have no bearing on the barbarism of Israel . Your life is no cheaper than the lives of the innocent children killed by the Israel mortars and air missiles.

We are not ready to receive anymore excuses from you through your rethoric calls of ceasefire. The Israeli needs to be forced to stop and your trip to Gaza is now , not after the population of Gaza is wiped out.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.

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